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Da Story of Da Swedish Mob (the quake clan)

A long time ago, ie at the end of august 1996, i accidently surfed on to www.torget.se and read that speltorget had a quakeserver on the internet. I mailed some of my gamefanatic friends, (among them were Snake and Llama) telling them about this server. We all logged on to the internet, and tried it out that very same evening. Prior to this, I had only played quake over an ipx network, in the forms of Qtest1 and the shareware version. At that time, though, I actually prefered Duke Nukem (shame on me ;)

After having played Quake a couple of late evenings/nights in august, I was really starting to enjoy the game. I also met several good players on Torget and The Despair Institute (another server) - among them Cthulhu, Blaren, and Nerdkiller (notice how all of them later became mobsters)

It was after a couple of days of playing that I, together with Snake, came up with the idea of forming a quakeclan of our own. Our hope was to reach the top 5 of quakeclans here in Sweden. We had played against several members of those few clans that existed in Sweden at the time, and we weren't very scared of any of them (or so we thought). So me, Snake, Overlord, Llama and one of Overlord's friends (he never played, though, so we don't count him as a mobster) started lkpmob aka Linköpings Maffian (The Mob of Linköping). As our name implies, we started as a local clan in our hometown (most of us came from Linköping (in Sweden)).

Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting members from our hometown. This made us change our name to swemob (Da Swedish Mob), so that we could, without compromising our name, recruit members originating from all over Sweden.

Shortly after, our first two recruits joined. (actually, we found them - we have never accepted anyone that has been nagging us to join). They were Bugsy and Cthulhu (CäCä).

I made the first version of our homepage and we now became an official quakeclan.We tried to practice On overlords listenserver. An experince not entirely pleasant (lag paradise;).Nearing the end of october, we felt that we were ready to start playing some real matches. Our first historical match was against Cult of the Shadow (COTS) which we won.

After a couple of defeats against lpbclans, we realized that we couldn't play with a modemteam against a team of lpbs. Because of this, we started looking for some lpbs, willing to join our clan. Overlord found one that wanted to join a kewl clan like ours. He had a strange name that soon would be feared around the globe (especially when the first qw came out). His name was oKKun. oKKun was also the only mobster representing us in Swedens first big quakegathering - Fragfest 96. He surprised everyone when he came second after DOOMer. We didn't waste much time before we alsomanaged to get oKKuns workpal JeePster to join. Snake was also starting to play as an LPB, which made4 of us with fast connections (a full team).

After x-mas 96, 2 more lpbs joined our squad. They were, as oKKun and JeePster, working at Digital Illusions. These two were the infamous KemiKal and McCoy.

By now, the nordic clanscene was starting to grow up - tournaments were cropping up and more and more clans began to be more serious. Of these tournaments, we took part in two - The Gathering (which was open for all scandinavian clans) and SQL (Swedish Quake League). Our modemteam won The Gathering's modemdivision, with our lpbteam coming second (in the lpbdivision, naturally) after a close defeat against danish TGM. (They did, however defeat norwegian CaC in the semifinals. CaC has maybe been the no 1 powerhouse clan in scandinavia for the last year or so - We are one of the few clans that have the experience of having beaten them). We also won the first season of SQL after a huge victory over the (at the time in SQL) undefeated BLI (Black Lords of Inefficiency). Participating in the last matches of SQL was the famous HonK - another player who had chosen to join our strong squad. He helped us a lot in winning the SQL.

During the spring, some new modemplayers joined our quad. Among them were DaEagle, Aquila (aKKe), RoW and Blaren. We now had a really strong modemsquad, and were close to win the SQL modemdivision the two following seasons. Because of bad luck, and being hindered by the fact that SQL was played in RQ (Regular Quake), instead of the, by us, much prefered QW (QuakeWorld), we didn't win, but instead came second and third. In the spring of 97, we then decided to become a QW only clan (thus only playing clanmatches in QW).

After the summer, we felt the need to get some more players. Reasons being loss of intrest/lack of time. Several new mobsters joined us. Vain, Superman, Nerdkiller and Festher (the only nonswedish player in our clan) being some of them We now were a really strong clan that could take on any clan in scandinavia, or even Europe. Unfortunately, we didn't get to play that many international matches - most of the other clans were afraid of us ;)

Most of our lpbmobsters have played for the Swedish National Team with great results, participating in making the team a strong power in Quake that has beaten all opponents who have dared to meet it.

In september 97, the second big quakegathering was held here in Sweden - QSM 97. Several of our members were there, and we had 2 teams (one lpb and one modem) in the clan tournament. We had big success here too. oKKun came second again (!), only loosing to the Very Lucky DOOMer (this time with ONE measly frag), and HonK made it too the semifinals. Our modem team had some bad luck when one player was missing. They had to play their matches with only 3 players. They did good, however, and won several matches before being beaten. Our lpb team came third (loosing only to Nine and TB), and I have heard stories that Da Mob was the most popular clan during QSM 97, and that many hoped that we would be victorious.

During this year, we have had some other members playing in Da Mob. For example Lucifer, Malone, Merlin and Razor. They didn't play very much, though, and were only with us for a short time More than 100 players have been begging to join us during our active time, but we have been very selective, letting only the best quakers join.

During this time we have played 90 official internet matches, we have won 70 times, lost 19 and one draw.

Lately we have become a more or less inactive clan, and many (read almost all) of our mobsters have left the clan to join others. At the moment only the initial members (the ones that played in the mob vs cots match) are left. Who knows... Maybe we will be ressurected when Quake2 comes out :) If that should be the case, we need people who are really good at organizing things, fixing matches, finding new superplayers, update our homepage and, of course, being quakegods themselves. I don't have the time/energy to do this, and the others that have been doing this have left the clan. If there's anybody out there fitting the description - let me know!

//Leon - Godfather of Da Swedish Mob


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