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Gaz is a British QW player, admin and commentator.

Gaz first played NetQuake and eventually Quakeworld in 1999. Hamstrung by a prehistoric computer, modem connection and a chronic lack of talent, he played for mindbogglingly shit clans Spawn of Satan and Teknojihad in the lower echelons of the UK clan leagues before joining The Shadow Warriors late in 1999.

During his time in TSW, he learnt the basics of proper 4on4 teamplay, thanks mainly to his German mentor Andy. During his time in TSW, he changed his name from the frankly awful "><(((('>" or "fishy" to "gaz", a common short nickname for people called "Gareth" or "Gary" in the UK. TSW grew and developed and eventually rose from the bottom division of the UKCL to the top division in its final season.

Gaz was forced into retirement from competitive QW when he went to university in 2000 and had no internet connectivity for over a year. When he got back online, he fell in love with Counterstrike. In early 2004, he played some "friendly kickabout" 2on2s with some old UK QW buddies, and when one of the group found out about NQR, they formed the clan FIPS. Gaz was able to play competitive QW online as a low-pinger for the first time in NQR season 5. After two seasons in NQR, FIPS folded due to inactivity, and Gaz joined Osams in summer 2004, where he has stayed ever since.

An upsurge in RealLife(tm) saw him stop playing completely between summer 2006 and late-2009, but he came back to play with Osams in EQL 10, and is still active to this day.

As well as being a notoriously bad player, Gaz has gained some degree of notoriety in the QW scene for his work as an admin, writer and commentator. He founded the QWWC, took a leading role in NQR from seasons 6 through 9, and has been a regular commentator on live games since 2004.


  • Real name: Gareth
  • Aliases: Gazareth, GazadokS, ><(((('>, Fishy, Veronica Mars (VM), Sentox, Dr Sexy M.D., B-Rex
  • Nationality: Flag gb.gif British
  • Current clan: Flag se.gif Osams
  • NQR: admin
  • TeamSpeak commentator
  • QWWC: founder & admin

Clan history

European 4on4 tournament history



  • "have quad... died, left pack"
  • "quadden sög"
  • "they're coming out of the goddamn walls"
  • "this next pent is crucial"
  • "CMF need to get themselves down to the YA water because Riker is ON FIRE"

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