Quakeworld World Championships

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The Quakeworld World Championships was a tournament for international teams based on the tennis "Davis Cup" model. It was founded by Gaz and Telly and ran in 2004 & 2005.

Matches were made up of 5 rounds. In the first season, there were 3 1on1 games, on each of DM2, DM4 and E1M2, 1 2on2 game, and 1 4on4 game. In the second season, each team chose a 1on1 map & a 2on2 map, and a 4on4 round was played as well.

National team cups
Leagues, events and cups
National Challenge 1 (Spring 1997), QuakeWorld Nations Cup (Winter 2004), QuakeWorld World Championships 2004 (Spring 2004), QuakeWorld World Championships 2005 (Spring 2005), Quake Nations Cup 2008 (Spring 2008), Quake Nations Cup 2009 (Spring 2009)