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Quakeworld HOWTO/FAQ
2024-02-05, 08:07
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Feb 2011
I found that lgc3 mod is buggy for new EzQuake version and I saw messages from other guys about how to play lgc, so I did instructions of how to play LGC in 2024

You will need MVDSV server and KTX mod to play this. I'll put files (a) in the end of the post for lazy people and people who don't afraid of viruses

1) Download ktx from there and put it to ktx folder of you Quake directory. Ktx also needs configs and some resources which are in ktx repository on github ( ). Put all files from there also to ktx directory
2) Download mvdsv from there and put it to your Quake directory
3) Create lgc.cfg with this content:

match_auto_record 1
alias on_enter "botcmd enable;1on1;lgcmode;noweapon rl;noweapon sng;noweapon ssg;noitems;dmgfrags;spawn666time 0;botcmd addbot"

and put it to id1 directory
4) This step is for windows. For linux you will need sh script
Create lgc.bat with this content:

start mvdsv.exe -game ktx -port 28002 sv_getrealip 0
start ezquake.exe +exec yourconfig.cfg +connect localhost:28002

replace yourconfig.cfg with your config and put this bat file to Quake directory. EzQuake client should be also there.

5) Run lgc.bat. When EzQuake is started type in console
exec lgc.cfg

Have fun.

ktx 1.42 + mvdsv 0.36 + lgc.cfg

Also I did two modifications in ktx mod for lgc. So if you think this is fun or useful you can try it from there and extract to quake directory (windows only)

1) show accuracy for last frag only in +wp_stats
2) hit sound. you can enable this with /lgcmode_playhitsound command. Hit sound demo:

To allow it work replace on_enter line in lgc.cfg with this line

alias on_enter "botcmd enable;1on1;lgcmode;noweapon rl;noweapon sng;noweapon ssg;noitems;spawn666time 0;botcmd addbot;+wp_stats;lgcmode_playhitsound; setinfo wps 384"
2024-03-21, 16:46
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Feb 2011
Its for local server only, no results will be logged in this case.
Correct solution is to find any server that support bots ( for example)

type in console

botcmd enable
botcmd addbot 10

Results for povdmm4 will be there
2024-03-21, 21:34
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Mar 2007
What is lgc mode?
2024-03-27, 23:03
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Feb 2011
5h17h34d wrote:
What is lgc mode?

Practice of lightning gun accuracy with bot.
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