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2021-10-22, 19:31
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Dec 2008
Got one, Acer Predator xb323ugp (XB323UGPbmiiphzx) 32"
Its IPS @ 2k (2560x1440) resolution and support up to 170 Hz vertical frequency.

Cant check it on more than 133 Hz,
my old videocard does not supports more.

But my feelings says its close or even faster than CRT.
I mean not smoothness, i talk about real renew speed as my eyes can see.

Had many CRT's before, i liked them very well for colors and quickness,
now i found cool replacement.

So i recomend to all, who want new monitor, better save your money to buy this one,
best for Quakers on IPS matrix as i think - my servers and demos collection since 1999 via ftp :>
2021-11-01, 17:37
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Jul 2017
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