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Maps & Textures
2021-10-16, 22:41
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Oct 2021
My first attempt at mapping so far, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Its designed for 1v1 or 3/4 player FFA, created as a learning experience in TrenchBroom.


2021-10-30, 18:10
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Jul 2020
for a first map it looks nice visually, and i had some fun running around it by myself just now

potential issues:
- you can bump your head on most of the door frames if you jump
- you get temporarily stuck if you try to run against the walls with the demon faces (put clip brushes maybe?)
- the slopes on the sides of the decorative platforms that hold the items can make you lose control over your movement briefly which can be frustrating, especially because the players will want to be fighting near the items
- for servers that have pm_airstep off (which is the default), you can bump your toe on the step in front of the jump to the mega which will kill all your momentum
- the sng hallway is a death sentence: ceiling is too low to jump, you can bump your head on the ceiling details, long and linear with no cover from rockets, no good items worth getting in there
- in general the ceilings could be higher even in places where you cant bump your head, because it would give players a chance to rocket jump or rocket juggle people
- the room with the grenade launcher is very strong: very easy to defend, 75 health + mega, 3 escapes and 2 are 1-way (so even if you are at risk of losing a fight you can just leave), one exit leads to red armor immediately

hope that helps
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