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2021-08-20, 12:31
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Jul 2021
Hey guys. I need all of ur help!
Live in Germany is not good anymore we are heading into troubleing times.

Since quakeworld has such a great community and really large one i would love to know how life is in your countrys!?
Where is the living standart still valuable and good and where can u live without trouble which means less corona stress and nice chilled ppl around you.

Im also looking for a country and place where the living standart like food and all of that is high. I really liked sweden but i heard from some of u guys its not good anymore because alot of imigration.

I visited the haag in the netherlands 1 year ago and i loved it do to the ppl and also the qualety of life wa.s very high and it was save and clean.

Im open for any suggestions u guys have like where i could move to. I would really apreciate your input

Thnx guys!!!
2021-08-21, 23:58
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Jan 2006
Found the perfect place for u. Just climb up the stairs.
2021-08-22, 04:06
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Sep 2016
2021-08-25, 00:06
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Mar 2021
Hi buddy,
If i was you, i would learn English instead of taking selfies.
Next i move to das land nicht unter aber over die klisterkanal. There is frieden, liebe und understanding trotz du bist plz3ndeutcher. We would altid say hello.

so cya around where u allready are or buy an automobil und head for Mlmo but go there by the fut fut
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