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2021-07-03, 09:51
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Jul 2021
on windows 10 ive been getting this issue for nQuakesv:
SV_Error: PR1_LoadProgs: couldn't load progs.dat
The console reads:

============= Starting MVDSV 0.33 (build 3420374-w) =============
Process priority class set to HIGH
32.0 megabyte heap
QuakeWorld Initialized
execing server.cfg
execing mvdsv.cfg
execing ktx.cfg
couldn't exec pwd.cfg
execing vip_ip.cfg
execing ban_ip.cfg
Setting nomaster mode.
Logging players to logs/player_27500_0000.log
Logging rcon to logs/rcon_27500_0000.log
execing port1.cfg
VM_Load: "qwprogs"

and then it suddenly halts and spits the error at me.
the error only has "ok" on it and clicking it closes the program
Making this is defiantly less fun then playing quake.
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