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Maps & Textures
2021-04-15, 09:23
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May 2020
Panzerfaust is a map without the lightning gun, and is designed for 1on1 or 2on2. The layout is intended for fast paced matches with plenty of angles and corners to shoot prediction rockets or shut passages down with spam. In a previous stage the test version of the map used 3 RL - instead of the standard 2 RL and 1 LG - but was finalised with only 2 RL to make the map less mayhem and offer more tactical play, the map was also optimized with layout changes and item placements.

[ Download bsp ]
[ Download loc ]

QWiki page:
2021-04-16, 03:08
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Oct 2015
This looks like it could be really fun for 1on1 games for sure. Like the textures and detailing. The one dead end over by quad does feel a bit unrewarding though (box jump with nail pack). Can't wait to see some demos from it though.
2021-04-16, 16:12
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Jan 2006
I've added it to my server & 28502
2021-04-16, 20:18
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Sep 2013
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2021-05-18, 11:33
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Mar 2006
Love this map. Have played it a bit now on the FFA server and it is very fast paced and great fun.
Didn't realise this was a new map. Nice job :-)
I ain't got no time for this jibber jabber fool
2021-06-08, 06:45
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May 2013
Myself and the m00 guys have played a bunch of 2on2 here. Good fun.
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