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2021-01-29, 05:43
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Dec 2008
I found that ping even in local network was unstable.
I had lag spikes, ping on server even in my local network had random jumps form 1 to 30.
But on local server always was 1 ms.

Without cl_early_packets 1 it looked like twiced ping several times in second.

Wonder that it hardware trouble with intel network driver.
Description here.

I just uninstalled drivers and installed them from native CD followed with my motherboard ASUS Z-490 TUF Gaming.
Now its ok, in local network always 1 ms.

Played some months such way, sadness

P.S. Trouble raised again over day.
So i buyed a tp-link UE300 usb-to gigabit converter to forget that issue. - my servers and demos collection since 1999 via ftp :>
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