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2020-12-06, 14:30
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Sep 2015
Haven't been posting any gameplay videos to YouTube lately as the tournament games are being really well covered on twitch by andeh, hemo, stalkerrh etc. Was thinking of doing some videos over the holidays on more obscure topics that come up semi-regularly on discord that might be useful to have better documented. Ideas so far:

- adding bot support for new maps
- combat damage (line of sight, discharges, rockets vs grenades)
- item pickups (this came up recently, also who picks up the item if both standing on it)
- falling sounds/damage (also fake drops and silent drops)
- optimal movement/acceleration (from the system's point of view, the maths of it)
- jumping off ramps (skull & monsoon, pm_rampjump)
- weapon selection (server-side weapon scripts)

Was going to approach these from the point of view of what the mechanics of the client/server are doing - will spend a bit of time investigating each one to get to the bottom of them.

Any other suggestions for things to look into?
2020-12-07, 04:39
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Jan 2006
- optimal movement/acceleration (from the system's point of view, the maths of it)

^^ this one interests me!
2020-12-07, 07:50
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Apr 2017
A description of all the obscure commands that have been added to Quakeworld over the years that can give players an advantage but aren't enabled by default. cl_idrive and cl_pext_lagteleport are the most obvious ones. I suspect there's many more.

And maybe include all the script hacks that are out there.

Talking of scripts.. Does anybody use a script that allows you to respawn as quickly as possible by spamming -attack and +attack on dying?. It seems it would be possible..
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