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2020-07-05, 19:54
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Jul 2020
I installed latest nQuake on my windows 8.1 mid-spec laptop (i7-4700, GTX 860M).
I boot the game and fill in my options, everything going fine, then I quit and reboot.
After reboot, every time I open ezQuake.exe after an indeterminate time (few seconds to a minute) the window disappears completely. Task manager says its still running, but it doesn't exist in my taskbar and it's not an option when I alt-tab.

I fixed it by deleting my config file found in c:\nQuake\ezQuake. But now it only works the first time after deleting config. Played many matches, lots of fun. But after quitting and reopening I'm back to the same issue. Any ideas? Very strange issue...

Every time it happens, I do change my options, but I've now limited myself to only changing my display name to Jam373 and changing my controls.
2020-07-14, 11:24
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Jan 2006
It might be because you are using ezquake 3.1 (not sure if nquake has been updated?)

Try 3.2 from here
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