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2020-06-27, 10:26
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Mar 2012
Has anyone in the last 23 years ever converted the Rocket Arena maps to regular maps?

The Rocket Arena maps are insanely fun and would be amazing for DMM4 games.

Unfortunately, because of the way Rocket Arena maps work, if trying to play them with DMM4 mode you simply spawn into the spectator area and not the actual arena.

Surely this is a simple thing that can be done just to remove the spec areas and make the spawn points in the arena?

If anyone has the converted maps, I would love to play them.
2020-07-21, 22:09
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Jan 2006
i would actually to see this happen.
it depends if the map sources are available, which i suspect they are not.
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2020-07-22, 08:14
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Feb 2006
Isn't possible to move things around with a env file or something?
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