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2020-02-10, 12:43
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Jan 2006
I was wondering how meag's new renderer behaves with ATI/AMD cards.

(with the older renderer NVIDIA always had an uphand on Windows operating systems because of the opengl drivers).
(meag's new renderer = ezQuake 3.5 download here )

So, I know for a fact that the new renderer does a huge FPS boost in ATI/AMD cards, but how does the performance compare to equivalent NVIDIA cards?

anyone with a ATI/AMD card out there that can do some tests?
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2020-02-11, 00:54
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Dec 2006
It's better than the old renderer on AMD but still not as good as Nvidia in my experience. Kinda hard to make a direct comparison as my NV card is more powerful anyway but I also get artefacts on my AMD machine (black textures sometimes).

I also found the GLSL is faster than STD on Nvidia, but not so on the RX480.
2020-02-13, 14:15
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Jul 2017
Tried to test it on 5770 and got message that my system doesn't support opengl 3.x. Heck.. i was quiet sure that i tested drivers long ago that even supported OpenGl 4.3.. that ezquake is going hand in hand with progress in a way i didn't ever expect. I would try never drivers for sure in a couple days
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