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2019-11-02, 20:13
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Mar 2012
Hey guys!
Im trying to get back into the game and play some 2on2s. would be fun.
Now here is my problem.
I have the new ezquake version when im specing and im using some default random config that lets me spec.
But now im trying to actually play qw and i dont have an actual config and in game its so lagged for me for some reason.
I found my old ezquake folder with my old config which works kinda good on this 70 hz tft.
Now im trying to connect with that old ezquake client and i cannot connect to most servers. It tells me to update my client.
Is there any way i can use a command to still be able to connect with my old ezquake client to the servers? My client is the ezquake client 2.1 stable.
I would be very thankfull for help and input.
2019-11-03, 16:55
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Feb 2011
It's probably easier to troubleshoot if you join Discord like all the cool kids.
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