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2019-08-07, 06:12
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Dec 2006
TL;DR: join at 22:00 CEST every day for 4on4 mix games!

So I have been lamenting the lack of 4on4 games in recent weeks and thinking about what will help. Whilst I'm sure some will simply state 'because summer, innit', I think that is too simple an answer. I think on some days there are probably 8 or more players wanting a mix game but getting them all together at the same time is where the problem lies. You know the drill, there is maybe 3-4 players on a server spamming for a mix game, someone joins, someone else gets bored.... after half an hour of one-in, one-out, nothing happens and the mix dies.

So what I propose is to set a time every day where players wanting to play a mix game can gather at the same time. The advantages of this approach as I see it are:
    Everyone knows when a game is most likely to happen, so checks for a game at the same time, rather than at random times throughout the day
    it minimises the amount of wasted time. Let's say mix is scheduled for 22CEST. You join the server around that time. If there isn't 8 players by say 22:15 then you just /quit and you've wasted only 15mins of your, life not however long it normally takes to setup a mix.
    Having a set time means people can plan for it a bit rather than just hoping at random time on a random day there will be a mix going down

I have chosen 22CEST because it works for me and we got most of our draft games played at that time, but I appreciate people in different timezones might have other preferences. But there is nothing to stop you starting a mix game earlier, or even announcing an earlier start via discord/IRC etc.
I've chosen port 5 on nl2 server because it seems to be the most popular server location at the moment (probably because of a relatively high proportion of players from Western Europe compared to years gone by) and I imagine that port is free most of the time, but of course any server can be used.

If you think this is a good idea, please share on discord etc to promote the activity.
2019-08-07, 14:17
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Sep 2013
Good initiative, HangTime!
I like the idea and probably going to mark the 22:00 CEST in my daily routine . Gonna work...
2019-08-11, 01:13
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May 2013
Good idea. I'll stop by any nights I'm free.
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