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2019-07-28, 01:35
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Been trying for a while - but I finally have it! Yay!

Kay, so what do we do with it?
Could we come to some agreement on guidelines of use?

I would like for everyone that use it to agree on some things(atleast):
It's primary purpose is to promote QuakeWorld. (whatever forms that might take).
That it is the property of everyone that plays or are involved in organizing QuakeWorld events.
Any and all income from donations/subscriptions(if we are that lucky) earned goes into supporting QuakeWorld sites/expences for events or prize money for tournaments.
Should someone become a regular streamer on the channel, and get lots of viewers/donations etc.. some money (or even majority) could be pushed to the person bringing in the crowds of course.. with a % of earned?
How does this sound?
(ofcourse this will never happen <3 OR COULD IT!
We probably need to get partnered etc ( requirments: )- so do follow and spam it

My suggestion of use is in this priority:
1 - It's to be open for use for any QuakeWorld event - either as hosting other channels that are streaming QW events, or running the event on the channel itself.
2 - It is to be open for QuakeWorld players to stream their games - should they so chose.
3 - When not in active use I would like either hosting QW players OR having famous games on constant demo playlist/video stream.
4 - Yeastiality suggestion: Auto-connecting to live games (with badplace integration)
5 - Hemostick suggestion: Use auto-hosting when we are not able to go live ourselves.
6 - other suggestions - feel free to add! =)

I'll be sharing the password with bps, Åke Vader and Meag, as they are active and trusted in our community and much better with tech stuff !
They might want to change the password, talk on irc! =)

We have to work out how to handle who gets access, and security.. rolling passwords perhaps? (I'm not sure how to best handle this, so do come with suggestions!)
Right now I have my cell phone number registered on it - so if you try to login, ill have to give you the code... till we work something else out. ))

But other than that, in general, there is no harm in asking me for access right now for any of you that wants to stream on it.. (would be swell to have some famous players stream on it - like a regular x hours stream once a week ;D - you know who you are...<3)
But I'd like to not be alone in deciding who gets access... =)

(for posterity was first to be hosted - USQC QuakeWorld FFA event =)

Further inspection : Letting others stream on the channel seems to be a very easy process that doesn't have that much security issues ! yay! It's a simply link =) (need to find out how it works 100% but ye.. sweet!)
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2019-07-29, 07:27
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As mentioned on discord i think autohost might be a good use case for this:

That way we don't need to distribute the stream key, streams won't get interrupted and adding new streamers to list is straight forward and they can even be prioritized i think, so caster channels can automatically be given preference for example.
2019-07-29, 11:57
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In reply to pm and post

I can start setting up auto-host channels if we want that - and totally agree, this is least intrusive!

Auto-hosting has two things that might be considered a drawback, in that it could end up streaming channels that don't only stream quakeworld.
The QuakeWorld channel could then be streaming another game.
(perhaps it could be "solved" with simply noting that we are autohosting, and that on occasion the autohosted channels might stream other games. - But we still will end up with none- qw/quake gams)
The good thing about letting people stream directly on the channel is that hosting others does not "level" the quakeworld twitch - and such, getting partnered is a long /"impossible" road if we "restrict" it to only hosting service. As the channel itself is not seen as streaming

The process of letting people stream directly on the channel is done by each person getting a separate stream key - that is unique to them.
It's a fairly easy process to recall the keys and give out new keys (when the streamer count for direct streaming to channel is low). (just have to have a collection of all of their emails).
Each streamer would of course have to check that nothing is currently being streamed so as to not interrupt an ongoing event. And in special events, keys could be recalled/resent at later date.
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2019-07-31, 10:49
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good stuff Oco.

I like the idea of one channel to stream all QuakeWorld related streams.
I loved Yeastiality's idea of auto-stream live games, I would love to explore that path! more on that at the end of this post.
Auto-host other channels also sounds nice, and the way to go right now.

As for original content, streamers are needed to make it happen. Streamers already have their own channel, so I think this will become auto-host. For example, covering games in a 4on4 tournament, or even QHLan... i think when someone streams it, they will be doing it in their own channel. Unless someone steps in and says, "i can run this for some time". What do you guys think?

Starting Auto stream live games brainstorm:
* someone has a dedicated PC or windows account with access to that twitch channel and an all inclusive qw setup.
* other selected people can manually start /stop streaming and connect/disconnect from servers.
how to execute this? Im thinking remote desktop / teamviewer or similar.
same as above, but automatic. query badplace/qtv's and connect to one of the qw servers automatically. which server to choose though?.. anything over "this server has >1 player, and the match is underway" seems difficult.
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2019-07-31, 22:00
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Bit late, no time to respond properly now! Great feedback! Lets make it happen! <3
Just quick update:
People with the password right now is: Mushi, Meag, bps, Ake_vader, ocoini and Zalon.
Secondary login is enabled - sms/auth app - (need to poke me to disable it, or get code from me when you want to login.)
Need to investigate if more people can share auth app thingy - reason it is on now is that some people have an unique stream keys, and it's not possible to stream without secondary login being enabled.

For us to let people directly stream there we need the persons email that is associated with their account. - So make sure to get it to me if anything is planned soonish. (streaming does not require an auth app/sms LOGIN from the person streaming, once the stream key is given out the person is good to go.)

Zalon aired idea of putting PC that can stream demos on same location that QHlan is located at - since it might have free electricity and gbit connection. We lack a PC though - For the people going to QHlan have a quick talk about it if you can - perhaps you guys can work something out!

Q: Does there exist a shared mail account for that has ever been used?
Does that sound like a good solution to make on ?
If we could register the on a shared mail account that might be better than having to go through one person alone. Cus we all go mia now and then..
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