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2019-06-29, 21:31
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Apr 2009
Guys, been trying to figure out the easiest way to setup a FFA Server from the nquake server setup in linux.
I'm running Quakelatino servers and for the love of christ, I'm unable to get it up running effectively.. So I am thinking of starting from scratch.

I run the setup and install 2 KTX ports, then once the servers are setup, there's an extra addon folder that you can run
this installs FFA server and I can start it but it's like there's 10 configs all over the place so it makes it very difficult to setup....

What do I need to do starting from scratch to set it up... I see there's a server in germany that alot of people are playing in there, how do I setup ?
2019-07-02, 11:14
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Sep 2013
I feel your struggle...
Time to time we do a qw lan at my work and it also drives me crazy.
For example, timelimit. I cannot figured it out yet how to set timelimit to 5, instead of the default 20. Even tried to use 'set timelimit' on the server console...

Anyway, it is not that complex, just haven't got the time yet to fiddle with the .cfg files...

Start from scratch? Just drop the corresponding into a new folder and spawn a port defining that new directory with the -game parameter. Or +gamedir, maybe, not sure... but just check the "run" directory content; there you see the scripts the installer created.
Dont copy any .cfg, and see what the server console prints. It will complain that it cannot find certain cfg. Just create one, server.cfg, for example and start adding content there and test.

The question is:
- are there default values in the which cannot be overwritten by a config file?
- why do we need a dedicated .so for ffa? Back in the day when ktx came out ffa was just a mode, like 1on1, 4on4 or 10on10.
Maybe try to use the normal not the ffa version.

Please share your findings, as I myself would like to know this...
2019-07-02, 22:13
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Sep 2013
Hi clawunf,

What is exactly your problem?

I kind of solved my timelimit problem, together with samelevel (it was reset to 1 upon map change).
See my other post in the 'map rotation' topic. Hope that helps.
2019-07-08, 13:31
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Jan 2006
i've updated the nquake package with clear instructions on how to configure a FFA server using KTX.
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