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2019-05-29, 21:50
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Apr 2009
Okay guys, so I went ahead and registered the following domain (I bought this at my cost)

There will be 3 VPS, all 3 of them have low latency to each other.

The cost of each VPS is the following

Chile VPS = $280 USD per year.
Argentina VPS = $120 USD per year.
Brasil VPS = $288 USD per year.

So total cost of servers will be $700 USD (round it off)

Would like to ask all the QW community to pitch in to maintain these servers so that everyone gets to enjoy Quake. I will be launching a website in the next upcoming days/weeks to with all quake related information to download and play. All servers will be auto configured with QWFWD so that everyone enjoys nice ping.

My paypal info is the following
email =

Any contributions help. I really want to push this out on a mass scale.

Also facebook Quake site is
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