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2019-04-28, 10:39
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Sep 2014
Division 3 - bgnr's brotherhood vs zigg1zagg1's zeniths

schloss, Zeniths' pick:
Zeniths got the best start and were able to get most weapons and they got a fast and solid lead. When they also got the 2nd penta they started to get a bit of a frag gap. But at one point Brotherhood managed to kill the enemy RLs and Brotherhood were decreasing the frag difference and you could smell a little comeback. Then on the 3rd penta Brotherhood had the best position but a lucky steal by Zeniths ended the comeback from Brotherhood, who at that point, looked strong. Unlucky for Brotherhood because now Zenith got right back on track and they finally got to run away with the frags. Brotherhood did however fight right to the end and were not far away.

dm3, Brotherhoods choice:
The start was a stalemate even though Brotherhood got 1st penta. Then Zeniths got a small lead but they could not convert it to any good fragruns. Brotherhood were good on quads the first minutes and that killed off the Zeniths' weapon advantage. After a chaotic start Brotherhood got the 2nd penta and they started to get some map control, not dying with good weapons. That gave them a lead and they never let Zeniths get any control. When Brotherhood got the 3rd penta as well they got even stronger and they now had good map control. The game was about to be gg in Brotherhood's favour approaching the last penta, but i guess the map control made them forget about the last penta, which would have sealed the deal. Zeniths stole the last penta and that helped them to start a comeback. Zeniths now worked good and suddenly all Brotherhood players were dead. Zeniths now ran 2-3 RL/LGs and they got quad after quad, decreasing the frag difference. Then with 2 mins left Zeniths got the lead, by 1 frag. Then BGNR saved the day for Brotherhood getting the second last quad and he cleared RA killing enemy RLs. Zeniths' fragcount now stopped and Brotherhood gained a lead again. When Zeniths then didn't show for the last quad Brotherhood controlled the last seconds of the game getting the frags they needed.

e1m2, random map
Another chaotic start and the first minutes were pretty even. Players didn't survive long with RL and the teamplay wasn't great. Back and forth and players died fast. Then after 9 minutes or so Zeniths players managed to get some fragstreaks surviving with RLs. At the same time Zeniths quad timing was better and they got the quads. From this moment and out Zeniths teamplay was way better. Brotherhood didn't press quad good enough and Zeniths had no problem holding YA either. That decided this game and in the last 8 minutes Zeniths went from a few frags lead to get a 100+ frag stat on the map.

zigg1zagg1's zeniths 2 - 1 bgnr's brotherhood
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