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2019-04-16, 08:55
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Jul 2006
Following up on Laptop suitable for QW

I have bought a house, so I will soon have more room thus it will probably make more sense to build a desktop PC instead. So which hardware components should I consider to make it good for QW (I would like a steady 1155 FPS)?

Here are my initial thoughts:

Graphics: Geforce GTX 1660 or better.
Monitor: 144 Hz or 240 Hz.
Mouse and mousepad: does it need any special "properties" I need to be aware of?

Any other considerations I should keep in mind?

Please feel free to comment or correct me if I'm wrong
2019-04-16, 12:36
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Jul 2013
not sure if this helps but here are my specs and if i set maxfps to 0 it never drops below 2000 (i cap at 1155). bounces between 2200 and 3000 depending what i am doing

i7 4700 (over 5 years old)
16gb ram
gtx 1060 6gb

mouse/pad etc i would say is down to your preference, all sensors in modern mice are more than fine, unless you're completely anal about these things

PS - i play quite "pretty" so guess the demand on PC is quite high compared to most.
2019-04-21, 19:29
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Apr 2012
Though it looks like you're looking at nvidia gpu. One thing I want to point out is that AMD is a viable gpu for quakeworld, but performance will be considerably worse in Windows than in Linux. If you are on Windows, I would recommend against AMD. If you are on Linux, then both nvidia and AMD are viable options. This is due to the open source AMD driver having much better opengl performance. The 3.5 branch of ezquake has a new rendering pipeline which is an improvement, but the largest gain on AMD is at the OS level.

source: I have an RX 580, get 1155 stable in linux... and can see drops as low as 200 in windows.
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