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2018-12-27, 11:33
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Sep 2015
Goldrush is a site where you can bet fake money on Quakeworld tournament games. The upcoming Hammer-Time event has been added, so you can bet on the overall winners of each division and also some 'extra', more obscure markets. The tournament starts on 6th January, and you have until 5th January to make your opinions known.

I'll add options for the 2v2 Get2Gether tournament when that gets started. (thanks to Dopeskillz for the URL)
If you've played before, your balance has been reset to 10k (but your betting history is still intact).
If registering, the code it asks you for is 'tr3km'

Good luck...
2018-12-28, 17:19
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Jan 2006
No code needed anymore... Just a good ole Recaptcha now.
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