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Maps & Textures
2018-07-01, 18:03
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Oct 2015
New duel/2on2 map I've been playing around with while I finish up Excavation. It's a return to an open single atrium map that I consider has a mix of ztndm3 and aerowalk. Just in developer textures for now.

Download Latest Version:
changes: just added styling in the geometry. still dev textures by kreathor.

Item Layout:
2 GA
2 YA
2 Mega
2 RL (1 high / 1 low)
1 LG
1 GL
4 Rocket Packs (default size)
4 Cells Packs (default size)
1 Quad

2 teles on opposite sides of the map both on the lower floor with high floor destinations.
2 ladders on opposite sides of the map


(Edited 2018-07-04, 20:16)
2018-07-03, 06:21
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Sep 2013
I very much enjoyed games on earlier versions of this. One duel ended with a 2 frag difference and felt exciting throughout.

Fights can happen contesting multiple items (red, yellow, lg, mega). The possibility of escaping fights is much nicer then some other duel maps where its feels like you always have to commit. The ladders provide something unique from the normal map pool.

Great job.

(I suspect the RA was changed to a YA based on the initial description)
2018-07-04, 20:16
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Oct 2015
bump for new version. dl link in original post!
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