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2018-03-01, 04:14
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Mar 2018
Every time I add or/and delete server sources from the integrated server browser or from sources.txt the list always resets to when I installed.
While sources.txt does change, the source list does not reflect the sources.txt at all.
I also can't seem to get the server list even with the QuakeServers txt file. This might have to do with Mac High Sierra security measures.
Please get the solutions so I can get to play Quake online.
Thank you.
2018-03-04, 18:37
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Jul 2013
Hello, you can try using a website to browse servers and connect manually to them, just open the console and type connect then paste the address. Like so

connect address

and hit enter . . . is one such site, you can sort through the various quake games there. Try this link to for servers with players in them

I'm not sure about editing the files but I have the following server browser stuff in my config.cfg, you might try adding or changing these.

sb_sourcemark ""
sb_sourcemark "Global"
sb_sourcemark "Asgaard"
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