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LAN tournaments
2017-12-03, 17:00
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Hi fellow QuakeWorlders!

It's time to start planning for next edition of QHLAN. We're aiming at holding it during spring 2018, in Stockholm.

We've created A POLL to see what dates would be best. Please take a minute to go through it if you're interested in attending.

Feel free to put your questions in this thread.

Link to poll here


Q: How many attendants is being used in the price negotiations with IOS? 100? (Ake Vader)
Minimum number of attendees is set to 24. The Esport Arena hold 60 seats. If we would be more than 60 we can use seats outside of the arena, just around a corner. Out there you sit in the open. Computers are inferior (still enough for qw), and 144hz monitors. It would probably be cheaper to sit here.

Q: Any estimate how much more entry would cost for over the weekend? (Pi)
Approximate entrance fee depending on weekdays (prices in SEK, weekend days = fri/sat/sun)

High season (from now to beginning of june)
3 weekdays: ~400
2 weekdays + 1 weekend: ~550
1 weekday + 2 weekend days: ~800
3 weekend days: ~900

Low season (june-july)
3 weekdays: ~300
2 weekdays + 1 weekend: ~400
1 weekday + 2 weekend days: ~500
3 weekend days: ~600
IRC went Discord -> join the chats @
2017-12-04, 10:36
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late june is good as i am already planning a trip to europe around that time anyway... i won't make the trip especially for the lan though
2017-12-05, 22:41
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Need a venue that allows beer!
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