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2017-05-10, 22:59
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Sep 2015
Hello, I think the guides we have here could use some redesign and perhaps expansion, with the goal being to clarify things for the unknowing new player with a fresh nquake install. This is a project I can work on starting in a few weeks. Does anybody have comments or suggestions?

As a bit of background, I was watching milton's stream today and he made some comments about a teammate not knowing how to use the lost bind. Milton also mentioned that he had written a 4on4 guide. Well, I couldn't find milton's guide, nor documentation of the lost bind in other guides, or anywhere, and it wasn't shared on stream either for that matter. These are details that I think a new player checking out the game would appreciate, even if they don't need to be using such binds right away, the suggestion of the binds and actions available to players could be compelling to make a player want to play the game. There is so much configuration and client behaviors available for players, but I don't think new players imagine this configuration situation qw possesses.
2017-05-17, 10:47
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Jan 2006

I'm building a new wiki within which we already have alot of guides. Maybe we can find synergies and work together to make content up to par?
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2017-05-20, 07:12
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Sep 2006
The guide I wrote is here: and can be found in the stream by typing !4on4_essentials in the chat. The nightbot kindly lists all chat commands with !commands. I could add the instructions for that under the stream .
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