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2017-05-04, 18:03
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Sep 2016
Would be nice with some more server commands for customizing .

no_lg for dmm3 and dmm1 and not just for dmm4. I think some custom maps would be better for 4on4 without lg, would be fun to be able to try that with a simple command! Make it votable. Feels like some maps you have 30 sec to take back control since quad can take out all 4 on team running around with quad lg every min. Also dm6 duels could be fun with nl_lg.

Same for no_gl.

Dmm4 prewar toggle, Some way to vote for dmm4 prewar. Maybe without pent spawn and no armor/item pickups. People can still join and leave, no stats or demo recording, just prewar with dmm4.

Some "ghost" toggle one could turn on in prewar to not get pushed around by rockets or blocked by players if you want to jump around and trix instead in prewar.

Weapon respawn 15 sec for 3on3? Maybe a dmm mode with 15 sec weapon respawn.

Some quad spawn time setting for ffa servers. So much arguing about quad on or off on ffa servers. Maybe 2 min quad respawn would be some type of compromise between those who want quad and those who want it off.
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