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2016-10-27, 03:45
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Aug 2014
This is a sister thread to the one about dm6.

I mentioned the PROMINENCE map pack there, and some currently active mappers (drako, foogs).

A few of us have been combing through the pack and testing maps from it for over a year. There are tons of bad/uninteresting ones, but there are also a decent number that I think might be playable for duel and 2v2 competition. They're all similar to aerowalk/ztndm3/dm4, but with unique aspects of their own.

I've created a strawpoll (here) to see how many of these people are even aware of.

Would anyone be interested in trying these maps? Maybe have a small 'for fun' tournament to try a group of them?
Do you have a favourite kenya map that I didn't mention?

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