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2016-10-10, 21:18
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Nov 2013
Hey there everyone,

I made this map just before QCon and I'm only posting about it now. It's the final version.

The map is called River Moon Mines (river.bsp). It's a small duel map with quad for 2on2. The layout is simple and there's not a huge learning curve when it comes to this map; it has a type of layout in which you have a really good idea where your opponent is at all times.

The map can be played on the following servers - Traxo - Duelmania - Rusty's - Toronto - and it's also the FFA Nicotinelounge. A big thanks to the guys who run these servers and have uploaded this map. If you have a server, please add it to your roster, and if you do, please let me know or post it here.

Here is the ZIP file which includes the BSP, the LIT, the LOC and the TXT. (thanks JJ).

Some specs:

1 RA, 1 YA, 1 GA, 1 MEGA, 7 Spawns

2 RLs, 1 LG, 1 GL, 1 SNG, 1 SSG, 1 NG, 1 QUAD ... and just enough ammo.

A few screenshots:

Please let me know what you think!


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2016-10-10, 22:29
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Jul 2009
Great new map.

Can anybody remind me where to put .loc and .lit files? Can't make them work.

Also, what's in .lit?

Update: OK, .loc files go under qw/locs.
2016-10-11, 04:06
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Sep 2015
(that's it added to badplace)
2016-10-12, 10:58
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May 2013
I like it
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