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Advanced Configuration
2016-06-09, 12:25
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May 2016
Can i have auto switch to shotgun and also normal up down rocket jump?
2016-06-10, 23:18
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Feb 2008
As long as it's not picked up by the ruleset you should be good. The new ruleset dimman is kinda working on might be called Qcon something and probably be integrated into ezquake at some point I assume(?)

But for now- just enable the Smackdown/thunderdome ruleset and see what still works or whatnot when it is enabled, and you'll most likely be fine. There are some things it has missed- but ye.. don't worry to much about it =)

weaponscripts are very much allowed - I haven't seen someone use KFjump or rljump scripts in a very long time, generally not allowed.
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