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2016-03-30, 07:58
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Feb 2006
Shub-Niggurath's Pit (Aichmophobia remix)

Since enda.bsp came out it's been played a lot in my part of the planet. A few people have suggested removing the large spike that shoots out of the wall near where fresh spawners would come from the long spawn on normal End. The 4 nail shooters littered around the outer path were also suggested for removal

In the spirit of WussyDM4, where the lava was replaced with water, I present to you your safe space :

For those unfamiliar with EndA, the tele to water at the long spawn is now a shortcut back to the middle island, that comes at the cost of depositing you way up in the air
2016-06-11, 22:21
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Mar 2006
Looks like is off line!!pZZnBLCK!fZxeV9Lwa76-CG5mdKlbVA - QuakeFiles
2016-11-21, 13:28
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Jan 2006
Does someone have a working link to this map?
2017-12-16, 12:00
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Sep 2017
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