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2016-02-26, 23:05
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Jan 2006
When nothing to do at work (or just don't feel like working) I often browse esReality, Reddit, Twitter about other arenaFPS and I even post/comment there. Some ppl there thinks we are retards for still be playing QuakeWorld after 20 years. Obviously, it's clear who the retard is in this situation, but really... With all the alternatives today (some good ones!) why we play QuakeWorld? Newer players, older players, why?

For me, the answer is not easy, it's complex, it's a multitude of factors. Although it is highly rewarding, that reward isn't measured in points or bills like more recent games.

Anyway, i'de like to know your reasons to play qw. Most are obvios (it's amaaazingggly... fun!) but... what else?

i'de like to hear it from you. And also, from a 2016 perspective, what you think would make qw even better.
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2016-02-26, 23:57
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Feb 2012
Well, I think you named the main reason yourself: it's amazingly fun. This game is a masterpiece, ironically a lot because of a movement bug turned into a great feature. It all just clicks together perfectly - the physics, the movement, the weapons, creating an experience unmatched by any other fps to this day. The feeling of satisfaction QW gives you is truly unique.
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2016-02-27, 01:49
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Jan 2015
2016-02-27, 07:02
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Apr 2007
The only game out there where you dont feel your playing with your hands tied behind your back. i play alot of reflex these days, and there are so many situations where you feel that the game has to many limitations in movements and aimwise.

And when your shape is so good that you can trust every move and aim you do, that joy is unbeatable. but then again when shape is bad, and your timings are off its the opposite

ID should do a quakeworld 2, new engine, new weapons, new maps. but keep the movements, weaponswitch and so on!
2016-02-27, 07:58
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Jul 2013
Pure, brutal. It's as if quakeworld did speak your instinct. To me its the game giving me the biggest sensations. And of course i love the rough gfx and sounds.
2016-02-27, 11:04
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Feb 2015
Cant explain why really.

What I do know is that when I try other games they are full of kids, flamers, whiners, clans with 100 players, no "community". QW has kind of, with a few exceptions, out grown most of these issues.
2016-02-27, 13:35
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May 2012
why QW?

Its the Engine!
Nothing compares to that!
a) quakeworld always delivered the fastest experience for me, not because of bunnys or speedjumps or getting more than 320 ups. Its the dynamics of FOV/Angles that somehow magically let you FEEL the correct way to move.

b) Challenge: Boys and girls here play this stuff for about 20 years, and i like playing with real experts and getting my ass kicked if needed! If you want to perform Kungfu, you better do it at the fucking shaolin temple eh

If qw were a woman, it would be nagging all day at home - do this do that. BUT it would bring you a beer to the couch, massage your neck, and take you on a tour in bed Its Hard and challenging, but most rewarding EVER!!!!one1einseins11
2016-03-05, 17:05
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Dec 2015
The only good reason (read, non socially related) to keep playing QW instead of playing new arena FPS is this : the expressive power induced by some mechanical skills (like aim, dodge, and movements) is not too low, and both mechanical and gameplay skills matter when it comes to win a game.

Now, one shouldn't be fooled. Quakeworld might be fast for you guys, but its far from being an agressive game. The gameplay being armor based (it is necessary to time armors) make quakeworld a very defensive game where it is more important to die the least than killing the most. What makes this work is simply the power of its weapons and their efficiency.

Another arena FPS that is, on the contrary, weapon based (it is necessary to time weapons, and thus kill the most rather than die the least) and where the expressive power and contribution to win a game of mechanical skill is even more important than in QW is HLDM.

To sum up, tell these guys that if they prefer playing these new arena FPS instead of the two previous ones, then it is likely because of a lack of mechanical skills and determination to train, or accept how shit they are. A good thing in a game where mechanical skills matter is that it is very easy to discriminate bad players from good ones by how they aim, move, or dodge. New games tend to blur this hierarchy and make everyone think they are good at it. It's certainly more flattering to play them than a game requiering some little skills.

PS : in my case, I'm playing QW because its the only place where my aim and move can be expressed a little, and it's a good challenge to learn new skills (like RL aim) and a new gameplay (even though I'm far from being fond of it).

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2016-03-05, 17:06
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Feb 2016
QW is the closest game to HLDM/AG I found so this is pretty much why I play it
2016-03-13, 07:28
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Mar 2006
azruio wrote:
QW is the closest game to HLDM/AG I found so this is pretty much why I play it

I tried AG years ago. It was pretty good, I liked the HL2 (hl2dm pro?) variant as well. But, it was dead as hell. So yeah QW.
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