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2015-12-05, 16:38
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Dec 2015
Before I make my request, I have to say a few things.

1. I used to be known as Danfun64.
2. I have forgotten the password for that account, and the email address attached to it is dead, so that's why I have this duplicate account.
3. I probably have said certain things in the past that were immature. I apologize for those comments.

With all that said, I am looking for a good mod for coop. I know that coop isn't the most common gametype in the qw community, but I would appreciate the help.

Compatibility with the original Quake campaign
Support for sv_voip and sv_voip_record with MVD
Playable with only 2 players. (Meaning that team fortress based mods might not be a good choice)

Strongly Desires:
Free/Libre and Open Source
The ability to use EZQuake as the client.

Really Wants:
Compatibility with Quake Mission Packs 1 and 2 (!)

Sort-of Wants:
Compatibility with Half-Life (!!) (A few mods support going through the original Half Life campaign. I am not sure how well the mods support it though, and I'm willing to bet some mods support it more than others.)

Nice to haves:
Compatibility with Nehahra (!!) (Apparently MegaTF Coop supports this feature. Of course, this contradicts both the "Avoid TF mods" and "Use EZQuake when possible" requests.)
Compatibility with Quake 2 (!!!) (Apparently MegaTF Coop supports this feature. Of course, this contradicts both the "Avoid TF mods" and "Use EZQuake when possible" requests.
Compatibility with Sven-Coop maps, Half Life Opposing Forces, Half Life Blue Shift, and for good measures, Half Life Uplink and Half Life Decay. (!!!!) (I haven't heard of any mods with this feature though)
Compatibility with Quake 2 Mission Packs 1 and 2 (!!!!!) (I haven't heard of any mods with this feature though)

Have any suggestions?

edit: If it makes things easier, it doesn't have to be only one mod. If necessary, separate mods can be used for different campaigns. For example, one mod for vanilla, one mod for Mission Pack 1, one mod for Mission Pack 2, one mod for Half-Life, etc.
2015-12-07, 14:56
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Jan 2006
How do you do?
Welcome back

Check They run several servers.
never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you back to their level and then beat you with experience.
2015-12-08, 00:32
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Dec 2015
More questions:

While Scourge of Armagon seems to work with the nq progs, Dissolution of Eternity doesn't. I can use the spprogs found on the internet, but when I complete a level, it repeats itself. Without switching to a netquake client, how can I run that campaign correctly?
2015-12-09, 12:09
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May 2015
on we run linux with several engines:

MVDSV 0.29, build 931 (l)
Build date: Sep 24 2009, 23:28:03

Exe: Jun 25 2011 20:02:29
16.0 megs RAM available.
FTE v1.00

Exe: May 16 2015 17:55:15
FTE SVN 4877

These engines runs different to each mod so we had some difficult to run the mods but we found out that FTE v1.00 was the best on single mods because it reads regular "progs.dat". MVDSV just reads "qwprogs.dat" as we have found out.

We havent tested with Half-Life and have no idea if it works with sv_voip and sv_voip.

We havent had problem with ezquake as we know about.

There is a Nehahra server and we think it works 100% as we know with FTE SVN 4877. (file: fteqw.sv32)

Dont know about Quake2 and the other mods.
2015-12-10, 19:32
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Dec 2015
Thanks for the tips, but you didn't answer my Dissolution of Eternity question.
2015-12-10, 21:01
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Feb 2006
ezquake doesn't support rogue's huds. nor does it support a few rogue effects (primarily explosions).
FTE does. You can also use it as a server with ezquake as a client, but A) it can't use certain features with ezquake that ezquake does not support. B) apparently the current build of FTE tries anyway (with explosions), and this will cause ezquake to disconnect at any such occasion.

I will 'fix' issue B soonish, but only by converting it into issue A. less fatal but still an issue.

hipnotic also has hud differences which ezquake does not support, but these are less significant. there is also nothing that effects the network protocol there.
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