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2015-11-11, 15:33
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Jan 2006
I'de say nowadays 99% of existing QuakeWorld servers run MVDSV + KTX combination

Not sure if this is good or bad tbh

People outside our little "circle of trust" like to play other stuff.. for example COOPERATIVE PLAY, or coop. Basically humans vs monsters.
Horza and other guy have been running servers from since i can remember. Their servers change from time to time, but the regular player can always find the required pak files on site.

If you never tried Coop before, i strongly suggest you get a friend, choose a mod, download it from website, and join the correspondent server to have some serious fun!

As for server admins who wish to run alternative mods... You'll just need some files to have your server running. Here are some:
  • exCoop: simple cooperative mod on Quake normal episode maps. link
  • more to come ...
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