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2014-07-15, 09:32
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Sep 2009
Lot's of efforts going on, from lots of people, (building/putting-together stuff) but they are all lost in forum-posts....

Is there anyone who "browse/surf" randomically through the Forums site ( ?
For example: Myself, I only watch the "recent" posts... (so in 1 year I'll forget lots and lots of old forum posts)

So I make a suggestion: The Most Missing Section of the website:
Download section: Tools, Clients, Servers, Maps, Textures, etc..etc... (of course: with License/GPL/GNU and shit... blah blah, =D )

(ALSO: with the associated Forum(s) Post(s) linked together with the download-link)
OR: simply/only: THE FORUM POST, kkkkkkkk (instead of a file link, that has the problem of becoming broken)
(QW Nickname: AL.Kernell)
2014-07-15, 12:13
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Jan 2006
Some exist already: - This appears to be down now. Used to be great.
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