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2013-11-01, 18:58
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Nov 2013
Hi all
My ingame nick = veRRo
Im looking for a team that is interested in trying to teach me howto play quakeworld tdm
Basically i played mostly quake3 tdm / ctf
Last game i played and still play sometimes is quakelive tdm/race/ca
I can use voicecom whatever you want me to use (teamspeak is already installed atm)
I can play most nights except during the winter on most mondaynights im not av because of tennis , during the summer im playing on tuesdaynights so tahts hard then.
During the weekends (fridaynight and saturdaynight) i also rather not play.
You can contact me on irc quakenet #norse.qw or #qwrookie.
You can also send me an e-mail to
Im looking for any tdm clan that can teach me the basics and that is interested in practising much and that doesnt mind to loose.
hope to talk to you guys all soon on the battlefield.

greetings veRRo
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