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2013-10-29, 01:41
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Oct 2013
Oh yeah, DOTA2 was too ez, so its time..

I have no idea what divisions etc there are now, but I'm certain I belong to the lowest, because all of the drug abuse and other activites that actively destroys your brain.

So are there any really bad teams that need a bad player to get spawnfragged on DM2 please do send me a mail or add me on facebook ! or add me on ICQ, UIN: 786586 I also have MSN, or at IRC in #cheezes with nick sherriluv

My old nick is panic but I couldnt take it on the forums again because I messed up my old email

As you can see from my presention I'm a pretty fucking serious person, so only serious suggestions please.

I love you all.
2013-10-29, 22:41
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Feb 2006
People still use ICQ?
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