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Rookies' Corner
2013-08-10, 14:58
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Aug 2013
I am bringing some new players online from time to time at my servers and now I want to find more like us. My former post that got timed out:

I am not a real rookie, but I am a rusty and simply bad player, and I am looking for players like me - either bad or new - to come duke it out, duels or in two on two's.
If you hadn't noticed already there's a server where I take a lot of new players, and I was hoping we could get some more games going.

I have a channel on quakenet, if anyone - poor skilled or new to the game - want to duke it out with equal skill just make it to #gibba or the quake servers, i got a mumble up aswell.

If you see me on any of the servers, grab a friend and lets get some 2on2s going!

also looking for an active admin for the servers, peace! KTX WCS
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