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Capture the Flag
2013-07-13, 18:13
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Jun 2009
Is Threewave CTF supported under ezQuake? If not, what other CTF mods are supported? How to setup?
2013-07-14, 19:47
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Jan 2006
how do you mean "supported"? threewave is a server mod, and ezquake is a client.

A Client connects to any server (quakeworld) and downloads the required files to play to the client's computer.
I believe there are some ctf servers around, search in

You can connect to those servers using ezQuake, yes.
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2013-07-15, 07:36
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Feb 2011
Also, threewave CTF is essentially obsolete because KTX (pretty much the default server mod) includes support for CTF. When connecting to most any server, you can do /1on1 /2on2 /4on4 in the console to switch modes. The /ctf command works the same! The unfortunate part is that it is disabled by default and requires some (very minimal) configuration from the admin. Some servers do have it enabled though, I think should have it working. You can also do /nohook and /norunes to toggle grapple and runes. If you get an error that you're not an admin, that's an unfortunate "feature" that's really a bug Try to /elect to become admin and try again.

The KTX port of CTF was written by ultimo and I helped test it during development. We were both hardcore threewave CTF guys, so it's pretty much the same mod but updated for KTX and modern physics.

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