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Rookies' Corner
2013-07-11, 06:24
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Jul 2013
I've been casually watching quakeworld movies for a few years, enough to recognize the main maps, and I've now gotten around to actually practicing my movement. There are some minor rooms in dm6 that I've never noticed before in videos, and it was really a sort of weird moment discovering them in the map. New maps are always fun

Edit, these are the spawn rooms . . . I thought them very strange until I realized this.
2013-07-12, 01:21
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Aug 2011
Interesting that you refer to dm6 as a new map. But indeed, new maps are fun.
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2013-07-12, 01:28
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Jan 2007
I guess in most videos, and when watching demos with autotrack, you don't get to see people spawning all the time so you don't really get to see the weird spawn corridors in dm6 (I mean, they are weird aren't they? no other map has them...)

Same with 4v4, if on autotrack then the only time you spec someone with no weapons is if they've stolen a quad and not managed to pick up anything but survived through it, I guess?
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