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2013-06-16, 05:43
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So, this is a video testing out multiview and having team voice comms on the audio - you can see all four players screens (and hear the sounds of the top left screen), whilst listening in to what was going on on TeamSpeak. It's not a high level game (it's from div2 wednesdays), and the use of teamspeak isn't very advanced (a couple of them were new to it, and one didn't have a microphone), but for an experiment I think it's an entertaining watch nevertheless, and it opens up the door for higher level videos like this one - IF anyone has voice comms recordings!

Next time I think the console messages and kill messages should be in the center of the screen by the clock, so they can be seen easily no matter what screen you are looking at. Any other suggestions welcome, and if you have some teamspeak recording of your clan playing a game which you have a demo of, please send it over so I can turn it into a video like this one!
2013-06-16, 14:23
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Left a few comments there in a "food for thought" kind of way.
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