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2013-03-30, 22:54
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Feb 2006
Hello! TPA are looking for members for upcoming EQL season. We are probably not going to win any match so bear with me!

We are looking for (finnish) people who are low to medium skilled and are available at least sometimes. Other languages can be accepbable as that could be pretty funny. You can contact us at #tpa-qw at quakenet and/or here at this forum.

What we want in our dreams
1) Finnish
2) Some level of understanding about 4on4 tactics
3) basic understanding about qw physics

What we actually recquire
2013-03-31, 14:10
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Nov 2008
This is an amazing thread respect.
2013-03-31, 20:41
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Feb 2007
im not finish but i understand the last two points lol
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