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2013-03-05, 10:32
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Mar 2013
So back about 15 years ago if I remember correctly I watched my brother play this awesome game on the computer, I caught him gone so I played. I fell in love, but needless to say I grew up, bigger and better games came out and I moved on. Years, and years down the road, an old friend and I brought up a conversation about how incredably hawktasticly awesome QW was and how much we missed it. So while being bored I looked it up, and holy cow balls its still here. Im in complete and utter shock. I will be joining all the games I can. Screw BF3, CS:S, MW, and all other games for now. Im ready to quake it the truck up. Hope to be seen a lot and enjoy playing with you guys. I will be downloading nQuake after work in a few hours and possibly seeing some of you then also.
2013-03-05, 14:48
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Jan 2006
Welcome to the QuakeWorld community and the forum, great to have you on board!
2013-03-05, 14:49
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Nov 2008
We are indeed still here =) I dare say the European scene is quite larger than the US scene but there are still active northamerican players ^.^

Good luck and have fun!
2013-03-05, 15:08
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Feb 2012
ColorBlind wrote:
better games came out

Blasphemer! Thou shalt be gibbed for that.

Anyway, welcome!
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2013-03-05, 20:02
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Jan 2006
Couple of useful links:
List of NA servers sorted by number of players:
connect via any IRC client to QuakeNet and join the channel
With best wishes, B1aze.
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