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Salvation Draft League
2013-02-10, 17:03
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Jan 2013
I'm an eager Fantasy Premier League player, so here's a thought:
How about making a fantasy game for the next Salvation season? You'll choose 4 players from any div 1 team - but only max. two players from the same team - and your fantasy team get points based on how the real matches turn out. There'll have to be a certain number of changes allowed, to be able to change players who aren't in the semis when that time comes, and there'll have to be something more than just frags to make fantasy points. Players will have different prices (Milton being most expensive, like van Persie i FPL) and you'll have a budget, so you can't afford a team with div 1 captains only etc, maybe you can afford two captains, but only if Milton (who is expensive) isn't one of them etc.

I think this will make the salvation div 1 more interesting for those who aren't playing themselves, which are most of us.

But what - except frag count - shall influence the fantasy player score? I'm sure some of the iELO analysis will be useful, but not sure what. And we'll need some programming skills ...

What do you think guys?

EDIT: And of course, the perfomance this season will - by a neutral algoritm - determin each player's value in the fantasy game next season. Which means those who underperform in season 3 might be bargains in the fantasy game, others who overperform might cost more than they're really worth, so research by the fantasy "managers" will pay off.
2013-02-10, 20:34
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Jan 2006
Too small player base for it to be interesting and it also sounds difficult/tedious to manage?
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