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2012-09-05, 13:30
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Jan 2006
Now that you've downloaded and installed nQuake, you're ready to play online QuakeWorld and have a great time!
First some basic stuff :
  • You'll want to read the readme.txt, which is located in the nQuake folder. It contains solutions to the usual problems people experience when using nQuake.
  • When you run ezQuake, you see the console, where some text is written. The bound keys and some aliases (set of settings) are shown for convenience.
  • To use the console (pull down), press the key to the left of "1". The console is where all commands are entered. You can also use it to chat when connected to a server.
  • There’s a some of commonly used commands that you should know how to use: /bind, /sensitivity, /fov, (...) To know more, search these terms in ezQuake documentation.
  • And also some commands that are used on the server: /1on1, /2on2, /4on4, /ready, /break
  • When entering a command, you can press the <TAB> key to autocomplete the command you’re typing (or display a list of possibilities). Here’s a list of prefixes that will help you typing the command that you are looking for:
    cl_ > prefix for client commands
    cfg_ > prefix for configuration related commands
    gl_ > prefix for graphic options (gl client only)
    m_ > prefix for mouse related options
    in_ > prefix for input related options (mouse and keyboard)
    hud_ > prefix for heads up display options (use hud_editor for a GUI)
    s_ > prefix for sound related commands
    r_ > prefix to configure visual effects like explosions, trails, fastsky/turb, weapon model alpha
    Again,all the commands and cvars are described in ezQuake documentation.
  • To get help in ezQuake, type /help, or use /describe [command]. If you don’t know which command you are looking for, use /cvarlist [search string] (you can use * wildcard).
  • the most common commands are available on ezQuake’s menu Options. Browse the menu using the arrow keys, <Enter>, <Space> and <ESC> keys.

It's recommended to:
  • Setup your USB port to run at least on 500hz (Windows / Linux).
  • If you bought Quake, copy the file pak1.pak to your new nQuake/id1 folder, and delete gpl_maps.pk3 file - in this case it's no longer needed.
  • to fully enjoy qw's smoothness, it is recommended to use a (at least) 120hz monitor (usually known as gaming monitors)

Notes on nQuake default config
  • nQuake by default saves your config every time you exit ezQuake. So you have to be careful not to do undesired changes and then close ezQuake. To disable automatic config saving, type /cfg_save_onquit 0, and save your config with /cfg_save. From now on, you have to manually enter /cfg_save command to save your config.
  • It is recommended you use the nQuake default config as a template for creating your own. Even if you have your own config from another QuakeWorld installation, you should start anew. Copy your aliases, change your binds and change the settings you prefer.
  • nQuake default sb_findroutes 1, so when you connect to a server, it automatically checks if you can improve your ping by connecting to a QWfwd proxy, rather than connecting directly to the server you specified. you can disable this behavior by setting sb_findroutes 0.
  • If you have mouse issues, it may be related to the nQuake default in_raw 1 . Although this is the recommended setting, it may not work on all systems. Try in_raw 0, always followed by in_restart command.
  • change your short nickname (used in teamplay messages) to your short nickname (usually 3 characters) with cl_fakename "xyz".

nQuake config basics:
The following aliases print helpful information on the screen:
  • /bots - instructions on how to play against bots
  • /crosshairs - view a list of crosshairs
  • /conchars - view a list of console characters
  • /graphics - view a list of graphic settings
  • /teamsays - view a list of teamsay binds

You can find answers for the following questions in nQuake readme.txt file:
What is the difference between nQuake and ezQuake?
Where is my config located?
I can't seem to change the team/enemy skins using enemyskin/teamskin?
How do I spectate a game?

If there's anything you wish to know, use the forum or join DISCORD.

Read more:
Welcome to QuakeWorld - An introduction to QuakeWorld and online play Guides - Some general guidance to start playing modern QuakeWorld

Please message me if you think this topic can be improved. Thanks!
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