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2012-06-26, 20:51
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Jan 2006
Going on a lan @ bps house and wants to fly to stockholm.
How do u check in a computer at the airport?
Anyone who has done this before?
2012-06-26, 21:17
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Jan 2006
Just bring the box to the check in and check it in.

It will probably break though.

I would bring a laptop with my hand luggage instead.

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2012-06-27, 08:36
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Feb 2012
You'll have to attach it firmly to your chair and then add a suitable engine. Aerodynamics could be a serious problem though, as the design is rather crude and minimalistic (not in a good sense of it).
A worthwhile alternative could be the use of any heavy drug. That way you can fly even with an ambulance.
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2012-06-28, 18:10
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May 2012
You might also stick computer to your body, suck it up and hope that security people won't find it out!
Not tested!
2012-06-28, 19:28
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Oct 2011
Some Counter-Strike Source players that I know who live in the states fly around to LAN events across the country in different states. One of them puts his PC's components inside his luggage by wrapping it up in the anti-static covers that come with your computer components when you buy them, he only did this because he was really paranoid about the stories luggage crews carelessly power-throwing stuff around regardless of how fragile it is.
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