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2012-03-08, 19:07
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Apr 2006

we are looking for 2 players to strengthen our team.
Throughout the previous seasons we established ourselves as a solid div3 team with a semi-long history prior to that.
In EQL14 we reached the finals (which weren't played), in EQL13 we made it to the playoffs in Div3.
Older stories, successes, failures etc. can be found here:
QW wiki:

What we're looking for are basically nice guys who enjoy QW and don't take things too seriously. The human factor is more important than the actual skill level or the goals one would like to reach. Most of us have busy jobs and private lives, that's the reason why we're not seen too regularly on the servers for pracs as we're sometimes one man down. We'd like to change that by adding 1 or 2 players to our roster and get back some routine into our game by playing regularly.
Our team consists of players from Sweden, Germany and Britain, however we're obviously not limited to players from these nations, but some English skills as well as decent pings to central European servers are expected.

Here are the requirements summarised:

- willing to play
- willing to use mumble
- English skills (spoken language on mumble)
- decent pings to Danish, German and Dutch servers
- some qw teamplay routine

If you think you fit into our team and would like to play with us, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either here on this thread or on #osams.

2012-04-01, 19:08
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Feb 2010
if u still lack of members i'd like to join as it seems fa is inactive. if u need one quite active player feel free to reply me!
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