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Maps & Textures
2011-12-23, 07:18
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Feb 2011
Another q3 remake. i did this from scratch, as we could not get in touch with anni to use his.
This map should work for 4on4 and ffa.

Included in this is .bsp .txt .loc .lit and a banner texture. HF!


Credits goes to cuky for the banner text, and also to Kloze for testing.thnx!

2 x RL
1 x LG
1 x RA
1 x YA
1 x GA
1 x SSG
1 x SNG
1 x GL
1 x QUAD
1 x PENT
1 x RING

2011-12-23, 10:50
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Mar 2008
You're truly amazing at this, muffin! Good job
2011-12-23, 11:25
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Sep 2006
This map looks amazing and it is clearly advanced when it comes to map building. The average fps rate may be lower as this map is far more complicated than a regular QW map.
The map should be soon on most servers; its alread on Asters and Casha's server. We hope that this map will reward individual skill (just like dm3 does more than any other tdm map) and we will see at least some mixes on it.
The map will be played in EQL Kenya as well.
2011-12-23, 11:45
News Writer
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Dec 2011
I could not have said it better myself Kloze, very nice thnx =)

thnx Rikoll!
2011-12-23, 16:32
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Oct 2011
Beutiful map. Really nice work.
2011-12-23, 17:12
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Jan 2006
I know, I know, I am a lunatic. But please use ZIP, not RAR. That way a potential tool to install maps could use your original release along countless others instead of needing a repack in zip or alternatively special rar support.
2011-12-23, 17:27
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Feb 2011
hmm ok. i like rar tho ;P
2011-12-23, 20:10
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Jun 2007
Like it a lot. But i think map is a bit too dark, settings that produce good visibilty on others simply fail here.
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