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2011-11-27, 04:22
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Nov 2011
Hi...Today I played my first 3 games (online FF) of Quake in at least 11 years. Wow, memories. It was fast and furious and I had a ton of fun. But, I feel like I want to revisit all the old maps with some bots before I embarrass myself with human 1v1 or team play. I am pretty sure I saw Frogbots install when I did the nQuake thing. But, how do I even get started? I have not seen a menu option in-game.

I'm just looking for the console commands, or something, to get me into a bot game on the maps I remember.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
2011-11-27, 06:08
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Apr 2011
Welcome back!

Yep frogbots are included in the nQuake pack. If you for ex. type map dm6 in the console you'll create a ffa (default) bot game on dm6.

Useful commands: map, restart, powerups, addbot (add2bots, add3bots, add4bots), removebot, removeallbots, skillup, skilldown.
Say you want to play 2on2 with bots on dm4. In the console, type bot_2on2, powerups, map dm4, add3bots and ready, and you're off.
The standard commands for the different bot game modes are: bot_1on1, bot_2on2, bot_4on4, bot_arena, bot_carena and bot_ffa.
If the bots don't team up properly, you can put these two lines in your config (or type them in the console):
localinfo team4 red
localinfo team13 blue

You can also make bot games with main menu / multiplayer / create.

Btw, there's a special dm2 version for the frogbots, as they're unable to play the original one. It's called frobodm2.
There's a version of the bot that can play endif too:

Good luck!
2011-11-27, 17:10
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Feb 2006
just use the bot_ commands, there is like bot_1on1, bot_2on2, bot_4on4, bot_ffa etc... it will set up everything for the given mode, then you type addbot and go ready
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