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2011-11-22, 12:00
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Jan 2006
If you're new to Quakeworld, then we encourage you to read this entire post, as it will give you a detailed overview of the current QuakeWorld Scene (2012).
Note: Prepare to add some links to your browser's favorites!


This site is the main site in QuakeWorld. All the news, guides, QuakeWorld-content in general is hosted here. Notice the link bar located at the top - it has links to some hosted sites, which you will find very useful as a member of this community.
This site also hosts the most active forum worldwide. You can search for words, it's very likely that someone in the past had the same doubts as you. If you're new in QuakeWorld, or back from inactivity, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the community.
The worldwide realtime "rendez-vous" of QuakeWorld community is IRC, specifically Quakenet. The easiest way to connect is using the Quakenet web irc. Some basic IRC commands.

Channels to join:
General: #qwrookie, #quakeworld, #eql.qw, #ignition, #ezquake, #ibh
North and South America community: #qwcentral,, #na.qw.pickup, #qwbrasil
European community:,, #qw.ger,,,
Clan channels: #slackers, #fragomatic, #tvs, #cmf, #suddendeath, #oclan

-= GAME =-
A small introduction on Quake and QuakeWorld: QuakeWorld is the game we play, it has been specifically developed for online playing by iD Software, back in 1996. Since the source code release in 1999, the community took over and developed a number of improvements, such as new clients that run this game. It has been continuously and actively improved over the years, to a point of near perfection. QuakeWorld is today a modern, fully featured first person shooter, with a very smooth gameplay, and high level of customization. Every client has the normal options menus and the console. The console is where you enter the commands that enable you to customize the game to your liking, connect to a server, change settings, use variables and scripting language, and everything else.

The easiest/best way to start playing QuakeWorld is by downloading nQuake (site). It's a package that includes almost everything you need to start playing. It comes with ezQuake client, and a nice base configuration which you can tweak to your taste, using the options in ezQuake menu. To achieve the smoothest gameplay possible, it is recommended to have a good mouse and mousepad. You can always ask for help in IRC, on #qwrookie - we're glad to help.
The places to be (read: servers to connect) vary on where you live. For the purpose of finding nearby servers use, a Web server browser. A particularly useful page is the one with a list of QuakeWorld servers with players. An alternative is using QTV (quaketv) to query servers and execute QuakeWorld from your browser! Has less servers than, but its _the_ choice for observing matches!
Most QuakeWorld clients have in-game server browser also, which are very functional and useful. In Ezquake's, press <space> to refresh the list, arrow keys to switch between tabs and <enter> to join. Read more.


QuakeWorld has several Game Modes, but the most common ones are FFA, 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4 (all deathmatch modes). It is on 1on1 and 4on4 that QuakeWorld really excels. It's unarguably the most elite, skillful, and fun game to watch from ALL first-person-shooters.

The most popular FFA server in Europe is the XS4all server, based in The Netherlands (Holland) which is centrally located. This server is active throughout the day and night.
The European Quake League (EQL) takes place twice a year with over 35 clans competing. The skill of some of the clans and players has reached incredible levels after years of competitive action, resulting in delightful matchs to observe. Demos of previous matches are available on Challenge TV and are a good way to learn the basics of Team Play.
There are a few different Duel Tournament competitions that take place throughout the year. The main competition currently is Duelmania which is open to all skill levels. There is also a tournament held for Rookie players called Ignition. This tourney is to help bridge the gap between established players and players new to QW. Duel matches are usually arranged on IRC by broadcasting a short message to all QW channels - using the prefix " .qw " - inviting players to a challenge match.

Through the years there has been a number Quake LANs, starting in 1996 with Quakecon. Right after, in 1997's Red Annihilation, John Carmack (one the game creators) donated his Ferrari to the tournament winner. That was the start of today's concept of "pro-gaming" and the multi-thousand dollar prize tournaments. Today, the most famous and international QuakeWorld LAN is QHLAN, held once or twice a year in Sweden. In recent years, QuakeWorld has been represented in the world's biggest lan, DreamHack.

-= OTHER =-


Read more:
I installed nQuake, now what?? - the best way to get started

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2011-12-05, 17:58
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Jan 2006

* Original Quake Soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails. Awesome and perfectly fit for playing a game like Quake.
* Quaddicted has lots of goodies, and it's focused on Single Player Quake;
* QuakeOne is the biggest Quake (not QuakeWorld) community. Some neat stuff there as well.;

* FAQ, Teamplay Guide, Link to "Difficulties of a rookie";

* Thresh Quake Bible ; DreamHack; Quake Revitalization Project

* Func MessageBoard, the ultimate source for mappers. join #terrafusion also.
* QW Mod history link

* fQuake's guide (thanks Patrol for the tip!)
* Improved formatting

* neogeographica
never argue with an idiot. they'll bring you back to their level and then beat you with experience.
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